May 7, 2023 – A Challenge to Linger With God

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Sermon application notes listed below.


Learning to “Tarry/  Wait/  Remain” in His presence to be more equipped for the Hosting of His presence.  

Individually/As a Couple/As a family
1)  Dwell on the AWE of God:   
                     – Thank God for creating our world and sustaining it
                     – Honoring the Lord for His Glorious Greatness
                     – Thank Jesus for His place of Authority over everything
                     – Praise the Holy Spirit for still taking time to visit PA/ Nation
                     – Worship the Lord for His Provision
                     – Worship Him for His Grace and Forgiveness
                     – Honor Him with moments of lifted hands and songs of praise
                     – Give Him your natural words of affection and appreciation that only you can give Him. 
2) Linger in His presence:
                     – Read scripture describing His qualities –  ( Psalm 119) 
                     – Listen to worship music/  or sing yourself
                     – Remind Him of His promises to “Pour Out His Spirit”
                     – Focus on His Kingdom coming/  Will on Earth as it is Heaven
3) Focus on Him and Not the Blessings He can bring:
                     – Come to Just Love on Him and not look for healing, fixing finances, getting a blessing….
                     – Make it all about His goodness and presence
                     – Call out the Father/  Son and Holy Spirit.  Let each of them know how special they are to you.
                     – Imagine them standing with you/  sitting with you. 
                     – Let the Lord know you are blessed He has time for you!!
                     – Concept is blessing God with your worship, Serving Him helpings of Praise!
Corporately/ Congregation
1) Focus more on preparing an Altar of Worship all week long, so when Sunday comes….there is a deepening sense of God’s presence and glory in our congregation.
2) Good music is ok, but perfectly played music is no replacement for the divine presence of God among us!
3) Lighting and fog machines are on the edge right now. The focus has to shift from the “STAGE” to the “Audience”!!  
                     – God wants to hear the prayers of His people
                     – He wants to hear the word of scriptures spoken
                     – He wants testimony of transformations
*** Healings and Blessing will come almost as a side issue ***
4) His presence is going to mess up the “ticking Clock” and your schedule……..
                     (Still no excuse for long boring sermons….!!!)
5) Letting God’s glory impact our minds and hearts, to see that the healing of relationships and homes is more important than ankles and necks! 
6) When the Scriptures promise “ I will Heal your land”  what was that for?  It had to be morally, relationally, and spiritually….more than a physical issue.  (Though He does both)
7) If you still had back pain and your son or daughter came back fully to the Lord in a strong way…word that be worth it??