The LifeGate Story


LifeGate is a relatively new congregation. We were formed in 2010 when leaders in three churches felt God’s call to join together as one, new congregation. So LifeGate does not result from a church split; we result from a “church merger.” The three congregations involved were Lighthouse Community Church, New Name Christian Fellowship and Shenk’s Community Church

LifeGate worship services are at 10:00 AM every Sunday morning. Other services and gatherings also take place throughout the week. The people at LifeGate come from a variety of backgrounds including Evangelical/Bible, Charismatic/Pentecostal, Mennonite/ Anabaptist, and Catholic, as well as people from no Christian background.

You may ask, “What characterizes LifeGate?” As with all true Christians, we love Jesus and we love one another. We long to know Jesus more intimately and to follow Him more faithfully. We want to be Holy Spirit-empowered and faithful to the Holy Scriptures. We want to be a community of faith where we lovingly support one another as Christ frees us from our addictions, heals our diseases, reconciles our marriages, and leads us to fulfill His destiny for us to participate in the transformation of our communities. Through Spirit-directed worship and prayer, we encounter the presence of our Resurrected Lord. From this “presence-based” living, we discern God’s will for our lives individually and as a congregation. The congregation is structured into “Households of Faith” so that we can continually encourage one another in hearing God and faithfully obeying Him.
LifeGate is committed to enabling every believer to be a disciple, a spiritual parent and a leader. A team of persons provides congregational and pastoral leadership at LifeGate. This team is composed of Don and Net Lamb, Don and Kathy Hess, Peter and Sharon Ogilvie, Craig and Emily Tomko, Doug and Faith Lamb, and Dan and Steph Slade.  Vard and Eileen Gainor, David and Grace Candole, and many others, are strategic partners. These individuals exercise leadership gifts in the region under the spiritual covering of LifeGate.