To develop a healthy “inviting, nurturing and sending” congregation served by a team of leaders. We seek to minister with giftings in five areas: apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching and pastoral–all which are Spirit-directed, rather than agenda-driven, and have their relationships guided by what people are called to be and not by what they have been.
To provide a home congregation for people who are called to  minister around the world to the body of Christ.
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To network with other congregations and ministries through New Testament Fellowship of Churches, our own 501 (c) 3 network, which is in turn associated with a fellowship of Christian networks of churches known as Kingdom Life Network of Churches (KLN). Kingdom Life Network includes around 300 churches world-wide, which are networked for fellowship and mutual support and encouragement.
To network with local pastors and congregations for the transformation of Elizabethtown and the Central PA region.
To be a spiritual resource to Christians outside of LifeGate through writings and conferences and the development of models for ministry and evangelism.
To be a training ground for persons to be released to start new congregations, house churches and marketplace ministries.